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Nigeria AgriBusiness Group (NABG)

The NABG is a private sector platform and also an umbrella organisation that leads the agribusiness sector in Nigeria, working together to grow Nigeria’s agricultural economy, create jobs and lift millions out of poverty.

As a multi-stakeholder group, NABG advocates for inclusive growth, recognizing smallholder farmers as Nigeria’s largest private sector group. NABG collaborates with the Government of Nigeria to make farming and allied industries more attractive, secure, and profitable. Serving as an organized private-sector platform and agribusiness think-tank, NABG engages with Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) at both federal and sub-national levels, as well as with agribusiness associations, value chain players, development partners, and civil society organizations. This engagement is focused on setting policy directions and addressing systemic issues and constraints within the agribusiness sector.

NABG is working together as stakeholders in the agriculture sector to diversify the economy of Nigeria away from oil and gas towards agricultural industrialization. The group recognize its role as the engine of economic growth with government creating the enabling environment for agribusinesses to thrive.

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Vision, Mission, and Values


Our Vision

A strong and vibrant agribusiness sector leading economic transformation in Nigeria.


Our Mission

To drive advocacy for inclusive and sustainable market friendly policies that foster collaboration, agribusiness competitiveness and food security

Our core values

Our core values guide our actions, and we aim to empower smallholder farmers, team members and partners to be a positive force in the agribusiness ecosystem.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide our actions, and we aim to empower smallholder farmers, team members, and partners to be a positive force in the agribusiness ecosystem. NABG guides, informs, and measures itself by belief and commitment to :



We are responsible for holding ourselves and employees accountable for meeting performance goals and objectives.

To accomplish this, we focus on people, purpose, performance, and progression.

Partnerships and collaboration

We strive to move beyond responsibility for independent results to a relationship that involves co-creation, shared goals, interdependence, and organizational transformation.


We strive to generate research, data, and other forms of evidence, and applying and sharing it to support impactful policies, planning, partnerships, decision-making and programme delivery.

Innovation and learning

We actively look for better ways to add value in what we do, and being recognized as a model that others want to emulate and applying effective strategies for reducing conflict and poverty


We demonstrate honesty, transparency, and accountability for the effectiveness of our actions and our use of resources and open in our judgements and communications with others.


We actively demonstrate Competence, Knowledge, Conscientiousness, Respect, Emotional Intelligence, Appropriateness, and Confidence in what we do and known.


NABG supports private sector players and advises Governments on policies and reforms.

Over the years, NABG has built reputation in the following areas:

Broad-based membership

Membership of the Nigeria Agribusiness Group cuts across the whole spectrum of agribusiness, from smallholder farmers, value chain actors, corporates organizations, finance, environment, and climate smart and public sector players among others. The group has 32 segments headed by key players and hold quarterly roundtables where sector experts analyze trends and developments in the sectors and provide expert opinions. NABG often relies on such sound research outcomes for advocacy. Examples include the presidential roundtables on Dairy, Tomatoes, Fertilizer, Agro-inputs etc., which were convened, and NABG policy presentations to these were well received, and yielded great impact on the round tables.

Membership of the National Food Security Council

This body reviews trends in agriculture as it affects food security with special focus on enhancing the productivity of small-scale producers. In this area, NABG5 has made meaningful contributions that enabled the review of the anchor borrowers’ programme to achieve greater impact.

Membership of the ECOWAS Agribusiness Association

NABG got the African Union approval to lead the set-up of the ECOWAS and Africa agribusiness Associations. The regional body focuses on development of integrated regional initiatives that will improve farmer’s productivity, access to market, peer reviews, regional benchmarks, competitiveness of member countries among others.

Membership of the African Agribusiness Association

NABG leads the ECOWAS Agribusiness Association to collaborate with other regional economic policy platforms. In addition, NABG advises the African Union on policy pertaining to economic development of the economic zones.

Membership of the Africa Free Trade Continental Platforms

NABG is a member of the National Technical committee of the Africa continental free trade area as well as a member of the national secretariat.

Through these platforms, NABG has contributed to the development of the national agriculture roadmap for the Pan Africa Free trade zones.

Our Guiding Principles


We strive to have strong funder relationships, consistent revenue raising ability and track record, being recognized as a development partner.

Gender sensitivity

We integrate gender equality commitments throughout its programming and systems, while increasing investments in sex disaggregated data and analysis as well as targeted, differentiated programming.

Inclusive growth

Our work is guided by high, efficient, and sustained growth; social inclusion to ensure equal access to opportunities; and social safety nets to protect the most vulnerable agribusinesses supported by good governance and institutions for an inclusive growth that aims at creating wealth for Nigeria AgriBusinesses.