2024 Cochran Fellowship Program

2024 Cochran Fellowship Program

The Food Safety Officer of NABG, Mss Mercy Joe-Blankson  participated in the 2024 Cochran Fellowship Program on Food Safety Standards and Regulations from May 4th – May 18th, 2024.Sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agriculture Service.

The training aimed to increase our capacity for agricultural research extension and participation in international trade export opportunities. The curriculum also covered the United States regulatory systems, internationally recognized science-based food safety measures and various food safety practices. The training provided a comprehensive understanding of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, Good Laboratory Practices, Good Agricultural Practices, foodborne diseases, epidemiology, consumer complaints, public health alerts, recalls, traceability, import/export requirements, and the importance of harmonization.

The food safety training provided an in-depth knowledge and skills that will significantly enhance our organization’s ability to improve food safety standards. The training covered essential topics and practical applications, preparing NABG to implement effective food safety programs. 

This fellowship marks a significant step forward for NABG and, by extension, Nigeria’s food safety landscape. The comprehensive training covered essential regulatory systems, international best practices, and practical applications of HACCP principles. This newfound knowledge equips NABG to:

  • Implement Effective Food Safety Programs: The training provided a roadmap for establishing robust food safety programs within NABG. This will ensure better control throughout the food chain, from farm to fork.
  • Enhance Collaboration: The emphasis on collaboration reinforces the importance of working together with stakeholders, including government agencies, farmers, and consumers, to achieve shared food safety goals.
  • Promote International Trade: By understanding international import/export requirements and harmonization practices, NABG can empower Nigerian agribusinesses to participate more confidently in the global food market.

The knowledge and skills gained from this fellowship represent a valuable investment in Nigeria’s food safety future. NABG’s commitment to continuous learning paves the way for a safer, more robust food system, benefiting both producers and consumers alike. This is a win-win for Nigerian agriculture and public health.