Country Agribusiness Partnerships Framework (CAP-F) Project


The Country Agribusiness Partnerships Framework (CAP-F) is a mechanism for establishing effective public private engagement to create agribusiness partnerships in a country. It facilitates the alignment of private sector investments commitments with public sector policy/infrastructure obligations and provides a mechanism for all parties to hold each other accountable for their obligations.

In the absence of strong policy alignment and coordinating structures within the sector to support value chains, private sector investment intentions do not always translate into commercial value chain activities. Such linkages are important in generating shared value and ensuring long-term collaboration among sector players. Grow Africa is currently working towards addressing these issues using a CAADP tool called the CAP-F.

CAP-F is was implemented under a grant awarded by AGRA for the period of April 20, 2021 to April 14, 2022 (13 months) to the Nigeria Agribusiness Group (NABG) to carry out the project titled, “Support the implementation and operationalization of the Country Agribusiness Partnership Framework (CAP-F)” (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Project’).

The project aimed to mobilize private sector organizations to invest in and support the implementation of the Government of Nigeria’s Agriculture Promotion Policy (APP). Private sector engagement is expected to enhance:

  1. Agriculture as a business and enable NABG to facilitate public private dialogues (PPDs) that mobilizes domestic and foreign private sector investment in the agriculture sector using agriculture as a driver of economic growth.
  2. Enterprise development of commodity value chains for crop, livestock and fisheries sub-sectors especially around input supply, production, storage, processing/utilization, marketing and consumption.

The milestones for the project included;

  1. Increased mutual accountability in the agriculture sector
    1. 3 agriculture sector working group meetings achieved in 2021
    2. 1 agriculture sector working group meeting achieved in 2022

2. Identification of innovative rural development solutions identified and documented

    1. 1 rural development solution identified and documented in 2021

3. Knowledge management products developed

    1. 9 knowledge management products developed in 2021

4. New partnerships formed among value chain actors

    1. 15 new public-private partnerships formed to drive specific aspects of the value chain at regional, national and sub-national levels


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