Governor Radda Signed MoU with Nigeria Agribusiness Group NABG

Governor Radda Signed MoU with Nigeria Agribusiness Group to begin the development of the Climate Smart Agriculture Policy for Katsina State Governor Radda today witnessed the signing of an MoU between the Katsina State Government (KTSG) and the Nigeria Agribusiness Group (NABG) that will kickstart the development, adoption and implementation of the Katsina State Climate Smart Agriculture Policy (KTSG- CSA). The NABG will assist the State Government in various capacities such as providing the technical support to implement the Climate Smart Agriculture policy, conducting a baseline study to understand the Agricultural landscape in Katsina, supporting the state to adapt and align the national framework to become specific for Katsina State, and providing guidance on technical provisions in the CSA framework policy document. Further to the establishment of the State Economic Council by Governor Radda to develop various economic policies that will unlock value in the priority sectors of the state, the economic team in collaboration with the NABG will embark on the development of the CSA policy which will enable farmers to adopt climate-smart approaches to farming that will simultaneously improve smallholder livelihoods, boost their productivity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build sustainable food systems that will protect the environment, and will unlock new business opportunities for them. The adoption of this policy is timely and crucial as it will assist the state to cope with the combined challenges of global food security issues and climate change.


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