NABG took center stage at the Norway-Nigeria Agribusiness Forum, a pivotal event where industry leaders and key stakeholders converged to discuss the transformative power of mechanization in shaping Nigeria’s agribusiness landscape. With a focus on creating a more productive tomorrow, the forum explored diverse perspectives, ranging from government initiatives to insights from leading agriculture companies.
In his presentation, Director General NABG; Jafar Umar delved into a crucial aspect of agribusiness – mechanization. His topic, “The Need for Mechanization – offering profound insights from the Perspectives of Nigeria’s Leading Agriculture Companies,” highlighted the pivotal role that advanced farming equipment plays in enhancing productivity and shaping the future of Nigerian agriculture.
The event resonated with our ongoing efforts to empower smallholder farmers, support youth and women in agriculture, and collaborate with stakeholders to address systemic challenges facing the agribusiness value chain. We shared our vision for a vibrant and competitive
Through forums like these, NABG reinforces its commitment to being a catalyst for positive change in Nigeria’s agribusiness landscape, steering the sector towards a strong and vibrant future.