The Nigeria Agribusiness Group had the privilege to participate in the Nigeria National Quality Policy Workshop organized by the British Standards Institution (BSI) @bsi_mea and the British High Commission. @ukinmalaysia
This workshop was a vital platform for us to discuss the significance of the newly approved NQP and its roadmap for implementation.
At the workshop, we delved into the vision and objectives of the NQP, which aim to align Nigeria’s quality infrastructure with global standards while meeting consumer expectations and advancing sustainable development goals. This means not only improving the quality of our products but also bolstering our reputation as a provider of excellence in the international market.
In light of this, NABG’s ongoing initiative, the AGRO COMMODITIES STANDARD AND GRADING SYSTEM POLICY which aims to establish standard guidelines for the grading of agricultural commodities, ensuring consistency in quality and pricing while protecting consumers from substandard products aligns with the NQP. By aligning with the NQP, we’re reinforcing our commitment to enhancing the quality and competitiveness of Nigeria’s agribusiness sector.
Moving forward, NABG is committed to working closely with the Standards Partnership Programme to contribute to the planning and execution of the NQP. We believe that by fostering collaborations, we can elevate the quality of our products and services, further positioning Nigeria as a key player in the global marketplace. #nabg #QualityPolicy #Agribusiness #StandardsPartnership