NABG drives the sustainable growth of Nigeria’s agricultural sector by treating agriculture as a business, not a government-funded development project. The platform is committed to engaging the private sector to coordinate regulatory and policy reforms and collaborate with the government to eliminate significant constraints and barriers facing Nigeria’s agriculture and agribusiness industry.

NABG’s inclusive, demand-driven approach to resolving issues spans the entire agribusiness value chain, from farm to table. This approach caters to various stakeholders, including smallholder farmers, youth, and women, as well as logistics and agricultural equipment manufacturers and suppliers. It addresses food processing, packaging, marketing, agro-processing, and distribution, ensuring that every segment of the agribusiness value chain is supported and developed.


NABG aims to achieve long-term results in 5 interconnected programme areas in line with the Nigeria country development objectives and linked to sustainable agricultural industrialization and job creation.

NABG: Championing Reforms for a Conducive Agribusiness Environment in Nigeria


Policy Advocacy

Strategic outcome 1 focuses on influencing the development and promotion of policies and reforms that effectively reposition agribusinesses…

Climate Change/Climate Smart Agriculture

NABG will support national agendas and efforts to implement adaptation and mitigation measures that promote low-carbon development …


Gender & Social Inclusion

Gender inequalities in the Nigerian economy are reflected in the limited access by women to economic opportunities. Women are overrepresented …


NABG will seek to promote and improve agribusinesses abilities to expand their business operations, increase productivity and create jobs by …

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